The Accessory You Never Knew You Needed..


UNTIL NOW. Yes, it is a leather schrimp keychain. Let me convince you why this would be one of your best purchases this summer.


Majestic Casual

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DO YOU KNOW THAT FEELING? The sun is shining, maybe not literally, but you do not care. You feel like Candice Swanepoel walking down the runway while in reality you are carrying heavy groceries back home. Exactly, you are able to mistake the toilet paper you are carrying for angel wings, what a confidence. And this is all caused by one simple fact: your outfit is so darn good. You basically get sad by the idea of taking it off at some point that evening. You feel like you accomplished something that day. You want to get out and be seen, because it would be a crime not to get out in this great outfit situation. Great feeling, isn’t it?


Glowing Skin Essentials

Glowing Skin Essentials

HOW TO MANTAIN THAT (SUMMER) GLOW? "Are you in love? Did you do something to your makeup? You are glowing!" my manager said to me.